Are you ready for Winter?

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Like in the Game of Thrones, Winter is coming whether we like it or not. Although some of us may not like winter, its also an amazing time of year to just take a step back and hibernate for the 3 month period. Me, personally, well, I cant make up my mind, I was always a Summer-time gal, but of late, the summer humidity has been agonising. Does that mean I'm evolving into the Winter wonderland, well yes it does, give me a pair of 100% cotton PJ's from the Beyond Bridal Pajama party collection, give me NETFLIX or amazon PRIME and I'm good to go. See you in a couple of weeks. I'm not sure about you, but the older I get the more my bones feel cold during Winter.

This collection has 3 x 100% cotton PJ's for you to choose from. The flamingo and floral sets are super warm, comfy and soft. They are thicker and more snug than the other one. The cactus pair is more lightweight, airy, soft and comfy. All 3 are hypoallergenic and made from only the cotton luxury cottons.

Since the launch, they have been in high demanding, creating a lead time on these of 4 weeks. So be patient, you wont regret it. And when you siting on your couch watching Netflix and chilling, pop us a selfie and hashtag us #beyondbridalboutique #netflixandchill #pajamaparty 

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