Arrow Roasters Coffee 250g

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More on the different blends:

Forest Blend

A medium roast arabica blend – This is our Signature blend with earthy yet delicate currant flavours and a chocolate undertone

Forest Taste Notes

Fresh cedarwood and a pleasant earthiness with a caramel-like sweetness in the initial, followed by a sweet chocolate taste and raw cocoa nibs in the finish. Complimented well with the addition of textured milk.


Tip of Africa Blend

African Arabica Blend – A medium roast blend with spicy aromatic flavours and a sweet plum undertone

Tip of Africa Taste Notes

Pleasant nutmeg/cinnamon snap and a syrupy sweetness on the initial with a gentle plum-like acidity and a sharp yet creamy mouthfeel

Full Moon Blend

Dark Roast Arabica blend combining rich nutty and earthy flavours with a moderate acidity

Full Moon Taste Notes

Nutty and Earthy on the initial with a crisp acidity akin to black currant and in the finish an overall dark chocolate taste, leaves a warming reminder of the coffee, complimented well with the addition of textured milk

Wild Spirit Blend

South American Arabica Blend – A medium roast blend with smokey, nutty flavours and a crisp blueberry undertone

Wild Spirit Taste Notes

Smokey and nutty on the initial, with a syrup-like sweetness on the body, and a blueberry finish. Perfect Black