Pajama Party - Long Sleeve Sleepwear Set

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Vows Pajama Set -- Made in South Africa

This super soft comfy set is great for just about any occasion

These are the Big Daddy of Pajama's. These are the one's you want when you are feeling down, or sick, or even just need that good 10 hour sleep. 

This is the pair you miss when they are in the wash, or smell of home when you are away. These are your real pair of Pajama's. 

Everyone wants a pair of these so why not get them there own Beyond Bridal Pajama Party as a gift. Great for Bridesmaids, Sister, Friends, and just about anyone.

Available in White, Blush Pink, Black and Sapphire Blue

Sizes are as follows:




Beyond Bridal has the most affordable range of robes and sleepwear in SA. Just because... We Love Weddings.